I have been playing the harp for 33 years and performing professionally since 2000, as both an ensemble player and soloist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The harp has been my only musical focus and passion since I was in elementary school. I enjoy playing everything from an art gallery exhibition to a wedding ceremony and love performing in a variety of venues.

As my passion for playing the harp thrived, I was able to study with two amazingly talented teachers. With the guidance of Nancy Hurrell and Dr. Gail Barber at Texas Tech University, I was able to focus on creating beautiful music while continuing my education. I have a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood and a Master’s in School Counseling from Texas Tech University.

The beautiful harp I play is a Venus Concert Grand pedal harp. Its gold column and stenciled flowers on the soundboard “WOW’s” at the first glimpse of it!